Top Tips: What you actually need in your hospital bag

We often get asked what we brought in our hospital bags when we gave birth. So, with seven births between us ranging from a water birth to an elective c-section and everything in between, here are our top tips for what to include in your hospital bag:

1) Thick sanitary towels. Seriously get the biggest you can find. Forget about discreet, you will need maximum absorbency.

2) Shower gel and a towel (preferably not one of your favourites – see above about sanitary towels…). That first shower after you have had a baby is the most amazing shower you will ever have.

3) A dressing gown and comfy pyjamas for after that first shower – heavenly.

4) Phone charger – for obvious reasons.

5) Flip flops if you prefer to shower with something on your feet in public/shared showers (and frankly after the birth they may be the only thing you can get your feet into…)

6) Nappies, Cellular blankets and a couple of sets of clothes for your newborn (onesie t-shirts, babygros, cardigan, and socks), don’t forget a hat (our second child came home in an adult’s black beanie because we forgot his hat – he looked like a baby gangsta 🤦‍♀️)

7) Snacks and drinks – chuppa chupp lollies for before (if you are at risk of intervention you are not allowed to eat or drink so sucking on these gives you a bit of energy and a non dry mouth), flapjacks for afterwards (assuming you are not heaving your guts up obviously 🤢)

8) Vaseline as your lips can get very dry.

9) Ear plugs!!! If you are in a ward and want to get some sleep 😴.

10) Nursing bras

11) Water spray – hospitals are so hot and it helps afterwards when you get the sweats. Alternatively just get your other half to flick water in your face …. apparently “it’s just the same”. It isn’t.

12) Bed socks or comfy slippers for walking around the hospital in or in case your feet get cold during labour.

Tell us what you could not have survived without!

(Breast pumps and formula are available at the hospital if you need them.)

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