Top tips: Least guilt-ridden children’s TV programmes

So you have made it to the end of week one in one piece (we hope!). You may still be riding the holiday wave, you may be ready to turn on the tv for the next seven days or you may have resorted to the tv last Sunday. Whichever group you are in we thought you might appreciate some tips on the least guilt-ridden programmes for your little ones – they can actually learn something from these programmes, honest! So here are the favourites in our houses, we hope they help restore or maintain the harmony for the remainder of the holidays (and if they don’t, just throw chocolate at the problem – it works for us!):

1. Go Jetters – a programme where they can learn about different countries, cities and landmarks around the world (we recently discovered that there is a pink lake in Senegal – who knew!)
2. Messy goes to Okido – this programme is brilliant for learning about all sorts of things, like how electricity works, why your heart beats faster when you exercise and gravity. It’s brilliant.
3. Nina and the Neurons – again highly educational – there are different themes as well for different series. They cover engineering, the human body and a host of other topics. Warning: the theme tune is very catchy and you will end up singing it for the next three weeks. At least.
4. Mr Maker – while he and his maker mobile may make you want to stick a fork in your eye, the children love him and he provides ideas for simple crafty things you can do together. So maybe just stick cotton wool in your ears and let the children tell you about it afterwards…
5. Alphablocks – particularly good for younger children learning their phonics.
6. Numberblocks – similar to alphablocks but for numbers.
7. Numberjacks – a bunch of numbers solve problems (we are not making this up, honest!).
8. Octonauts – it is about exploring, and adventure without anything too scary if you have a sensitive pre-schooler.
9. Justin’s House – educational and amusing – as one of CBeebies highest profile programs you can be guaranteed a ton of research has gone into insuring the right message is being conveyed to your little ones.

Let us know what is popular in your house!

  • Amy Simmons
    Posted at 20:04h, 09 April Reply

    C beebies star gazing….massive hit at ours x

    • Iona
      Posted at 20:25h, 09 April Reply

      Thanks Amy! We will definitely check that one out. x

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