Top tips: Top 10 gift ideas for 4 year old girls

One of our ‘Mums the Word’ brood ‘Ella’  turns 4 this weekend and in honour of her milestone we have compiled our top 10 gift present ideas for girls.  None of these ideas will break the bank and are guaranteed to be a hit!

Fancy Dress:  Belle (Beauty and the Beat), Rapunzel and Jasmine from Aladdin seem to be the current favourites.  Most of these you can buy in supermarkets and great prices!

My First Ballet: Cinderella:  Heading to the theatre may feel too old for a toddler but my 4 year old loved this show!  It was a great intro into going to the ballet.

Hula Hoop: So cheap and so good!

Lego sets: This pet making set was a favourite with our girls.

Science kit – preferably one with an erupting volcano or rocket!

Crystal growing kit – Anyone remember those crystal growing trees from our childhood?  They are still around!

Glittery pens!

Bracelet and necklace making kits:

Princess colouring in books.

Cake!  All my 4 year old wants for her birthday is an epic cake.  Go large or go home.

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