Things I have learnt…

Things I have learnt…


I still can’t quite believe that our daughter starts big school in September.   I am not sure where the last 4 years have gone but they have certainly been a mixture of ups and downs. 

 This week on Mum’s the Word we have been talking about growing up fast.   Parenting is hard and we don’t always get it right but we learn something new every day!  This week I have been thinking about all the new things I have learnt over the last 4 years since becoming a mum.

 I’m sure most of the list below you can related to!

  1. A cup of cold coffee, or tea, is completely bearable. Anything hot that can be drunk in peace is a luxury!
  2. I have mastered the skills of a ninja warrior which include night time crawling, and rolling on floor avoiding squeaky floorboards so as not to wake the baby.
  3. I have become the official poo wiper of my daughter’s bottom!
  4. I can put makeup on with one hand, in record time and often with children sitting on my lap wanting to play “Row your Boat.”
  5. If you buy something for one child, you need to buy it for the second.  Nothing different.  Exactly the same!
  6. Everything is a game, and the best way to put on a pair of trousers without using your force is through song.  The ‘Hockey Cockey’ is a favourite
  7. Not to get too upset when you make food that no one eats and is thrown to the floor
  8. Everything is a phase!
  9. Never to cut toast in the incorrect way, nor peel a banana without their consent or take off any skin off any fruit to avoid epic meltdowns
  10. I know all the words to ‘In the Night Garden’, all the ‘My Little Pony’ characters as well as ‘Paw Patrol’.
  11. A box of Raisins will always be half eaten and the rest you will find in your handbag or under the sofa
  12. The definition of “Sleeping through” is when a baby sleeps for 5 hours (Source the book ‘Your baby week by week’) so if a mum says at 2 weeks “oh my baby sleeps through” you know it’s not from 7pm -7am
  13. A lie in doesn’t exist anymore.   Anything after 6am is a bonus
  14. The art of dodging Lego on the floor and and quick head movement to avoid food being thrown in your face
  15. Calpol is the best thing invented for kids!
  16. Sitting on the loo all to yourself without someone screaming for you or walking in on you is a luxury – do more of it. Get a lock on your door if needs be
  17. I have learnt to love your post baby body, even if breasts look like cow’s udders and tummy a deflated rubber ring.
  18. Try not to give a fuck and do things your way.
  19. Wine is the answer
  20. To share your experiences with other parents.  We are all in the same boat!


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