Top tips: Parenting Hacks you need to know!

Parenting is tough. Incredible, but tough. We have put together a series of our tried and tested top hacks to make life just that little bit easier.  Let us know if you have any others – and between us all we might just nail this parenting malarkey!

  1. Changing a newborn baby’s nappy:  As new mums we all struggle with our newborns crying every time we change their nappy. We have tried singing, waving toys and “ Sssshhhhhhhhing.”What has worked brilliantly is a hair dryer. Switch it on and see your baby completely mesmerised.
  2. Baby bibs:  Ours always seem to end up on the floor, that’s if we can even find it to start with. This can be resolved very easily. Simply stick a hook on the back of your baby’s highchair and hang them there! No more scrabbling around for a semi clean bib while your baby screams for his/her breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  3. Weaning:  If you are weaning your baby using puree and spoons you may find at some point that your little one decides he or she no longer wants you to feed them. They want control of the cutlery. While this show of independence is great, it can be a messy nightmare particularly if you are in a hurry, or frankly just are keen to avoid an hour long lunchtime.  A trick we found really effective is  to give them their own spoon but also have one yourself. While they muck around with their spoon you can ensure that the eating process continues by sneaking a few mouthfuls in for them too.
  4. Teething:  Teething babies quite often want to suck on something.  Try putting a little bit of apple puree in the middle of a cloth or muslin, roll it up and then freeze it.  Then let the baby suck on it to their hearts content.
  5. A trip to the beach:  Anyone who has taken small children to the beach will be familiar with the chaos that sand can create. Next time you go to the beach pop some Talcum Powder in your beach bag. Sprinkle the  powder on their hands, feet, or wherever sand is stuck.  The powder removes moisture from the skin and allows for the sand to easily come off.   This really works!

We hope you like the first of our parenting hack series. Stand by for more tricks and tips!

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