My baby is growing up so fast!

With my first baby I was always keen to get to the next stage or milestone. I enjoyed seeing her grow and develop into a proper human being (able to talk, walk, laugh etc.). With my second I was happy just enjoying the different stages whenever they came along. I tended to go to fewer classes (baby sensory, music etc.). During the short time each week I had him all to myself, I preferred just to spend the time cuddling and kissing him and making him laugh as much as possible.

Now with my third (and last!), I almost dread the next milestone and developmental stage – I want to keep him a baby as long as possible! He is now 20 months and starting to talk (generally asking for cake and ice cream). He walks most of the time holding very sensibly onto the buggy as we go. He now insists on walking up and down the stairs (crawling apparently is to babyish for this baby), and every question or activity directed at the older ones is accompanied by a “me too” from him (usually with at least one arm raised in the air). Outwardly I praise all his achievements and developmental milestones. Meanwhile my inner voice is screaming “stop!”. I want my baby to stay just that for a little bit longer. Please.

We moved the older two into their big beds at 20 months, but recently as we approached that milestone with the baby (ok, toddler!) part of me resisted. I just wanted to keep him in his cot forever. But last weekend we did it. The cot was ceremoniously dismantled for the last time, and I made up his big boy bed. The baby’s, sorry toddler’s, reaction was “wow” when I unveiled the bed. He and his siblings then spent nearly an hour playing in it.

The next thing to go will be the changing table, then the bottles, the high chair, bibs and before I know it there will be no trace of a baby or evidence that one ever lived in our house (sob).

Now don’t get me wrong – I am loving getting rid of some of that baby paraphernalia that seems to take up so much space (why do playmats always seem to end up in a main thoroughfare??? And do not get me started on the jumperoo.). Obviously I am pleased that we can reclaim valuable storage space in the kitchen, and stop spending a small fortune on nappies, and I will definitely not shed a tear when the nappy bin disappears. And I do not miss the sleepless nights, the constant feeding and never leaving the house without a huge bag of baby crap.

  1. But I do miss listening to the little noises newborns make when they sleep, watching them hitting themselves in the face before they realise they can actually control their own limbs, and then watching them discover that they can actually control them. I do miss the way they look at you, while you are still their entire world, when they snuggle into your neck and find rolling around on the bed with you the most hilarious thing in the world.

We are not there yet, but I know in due course we will get rid of the last buggy and while I will love not having it cluttering up the hallway, I will seriously miss having it to dump all our stuff on – especially heavy shopping. And yes frankly I miss the gimassive boobs I had while breastfeeding (though I miss less the leaking milk and bouts of mastitis).

So all that there is left for me to do is apologise now to all my friends and family who have a baby in the future for my intense over-eagerness to give your little bundle a cuddle. Please feel free to take advantage of my now empty arms to give me the baby to hold while you eat, shower, drink a cup of hot tea, or go to the loo. I promise I will give him/her back (eventually). (Probably when they do a poo.)

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