I remember seeing you cry, when you thought I was playing downstairs

I remember hearing you cry and saying your prayers

I remember wanting to help by giving you my big Ted

I remember begging you to get out of bed.

I remember the day dad walked out the door

I remember the day you stopped being sad and said, ” No more”!

From that day, onwards I remember nothing but good things

From taking us out for long walks in the rain and going to the swings

I remember us all laughing a lot

I remember our day trips to the beach when it was nice and hot

I remember the way you used to make everything a game – the matching socks one and splashing about in the rain

Who could give you the biggest cuddles

Who could jump in the muddiest puddles

I remember making cakes and licking the spoon, I remember us all looking up at the moon

I remember the stories you used to read us at night

I remember those sweet words “God Bless” when you switched off the light

I remember the hours you used to spend working late

I remember we had no money which I know you used to hate

I remember the days we used to spend with dad, they were fun I guess but when I got home I was glad

I remember those hugs when the 3 of us came home

I now know that feeling of being alone

I remember we used to name all our cars,

I remember the car journeys would feel like hours

I remember our trip to the isle of white

My brother had chicken pox and looked a sight

I remember you putting breakfast sausages into your bag, even though the staff must have got angry

But now I know why and it was to make sure we didn’t go hungry

I remember my temper as I started to grow

You were always so wise and would say ” let it go”

How right you were with everything you said

Your words of wisdom will stay in my head

I remember the times you were by my side when I was feeling blue

I remember seeing your face in the church when I finally said, “I do”

I remember all the wine and laughs we have shared

And all your help and support when I was feeling scared

I remember birthdays and Christmas being so much fun. That was all down to you my amazing mum


So, I want to dedicate this to you

and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do

You’re my best friend, my rock, my pillar my glue

And I hope I am as a good a mum as you

Happy Mother’s Day

Love you x


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