Funny things Toddlers say!

This week on mum’s the word we are discussing how fast our little ones are growing up.

My little girl Ella is about to turn 4 and most days she has A LOT to tell me about myself, the world and generally her point of you.

Here is a list of the most berserk things she has said to me:

The Workplace

Me: ‘Ella what job would you like to do when you grow up?’

Ella: ‘I want to be Whitney Houston.’

Me: Trying not to be pushy but gently steering her into another direction. ‘Did you know that mummy and daddy met at university. Would you like to go to university?’

Ella: ‘I am going to university to learn how to climb trees. Then I want to be Whitney Houston and have babies.’

Observing the world around us

Ella: ‘Mummy – I met a girl in the park who had the same name as me. She has black skin.  Her name is now black Ella.  Mummy why do you have orange skin with spots on? (freckles actually and I sometimes use a tan enhancer)  Why does daddy have brown skin and why do I have yellow skin?’

Life & Death

When speaking to a friend on a play date.

Ella: ‘Did you know that my great grandma has died.  Like the flowers on the table’. (She was referencing some rotting daffodils on my kitchen table #nojudgemens)

Friend:  ‘Where is she now?’

Ella:  ‘She is now an angel’.


I have had a wide range of insults thrown my way – mainly involving me not being her ‘best friend’ and that I’m not allowed to come to her birthday party – EVER.  Below was my favourite!

Me: ‘Ella please can you stop throwing bath water in your baby brother’s face’

Ella: ‘No!’

Me:  ‘I will have to get you out of the bath if you continue throwing water in your baby brother’s face. It is not nice.’

Ella: ‘You are a bowl mummy.’

Me: ‘Excuse me?  I don’t know what that means. A bowl?’

Ella: ‘Yes mummy – you are a HUGE cereal bowl!’

The Body

Ella: ‘Mummy – why does daddy (38yrs) and Joseph (1yr) have really small willies?’

Role playing

Ella: ‘Welcome to my cafe mummy – what would you like to buy?’

Me:  ‘I would love a chocolate ice cream please.’

Ella: ‘NO MUMMY – how silly of you – you only ever buy mummy wine.’

We would love to hear from you about the funniest things you’re little people have said!

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