Am I being the Dummy?

Strange old things Dummies! They come in all shapes and sizes, are different colours, Some glow In the dark and some have been designed to look like a baby has a moustache! I swear they multiply as well… have you ever noticed that you have 6 one day then the next day you are down to two only to suddenly find a load more so you have more than you did when you started!

Dummy, Pacifier, Blinky, LIFE SAVER is all I can say! In fact I think that's how they should re package it sometimes as I could not have lived without one recently.

Yes I know I am probably making a rod for my own back ( again) but I am a firm believer that every child gets to a point in their life when they no longer need to use a dummy and if using one, for now, works for you then jolly well crack on with it.  I mean when was the last time you ever saw a grown up walking around with a dummy in their mouth?   Children naturally fall out of a habits ( some quicker than others) and some parents will take the dummy away earlier on and  go “cold turkey” which is incredibly brave and takes guts ( like Lucy has just done in her training) and others, like me, will use one if and when its necessary just to get through each day

I wrote a post about sleep training and how I thought it may have scarred our daughter ( to be honest it probably didn’t and she won’t remember) but I promised myself I would not go through that pain again until I felt physically and emotionally ready.   Going through a week of sleep training whilst working in London with baby by no 2 on the way slowly killed me,and the tiredness became unbearable.

Our daughter didn’t ever want to use a dummy.  She instantly took a dislike to it and would actually take it out of her mouth and place it next to her with a face of what looked liked disgust.  Believe me there were so many times when I wished she had used one.  I was a very anxious first mum and she had a very loud cry (and she used to cry ALOT) so when I was out in public or on a packed bus and I could feel an almighty cry come on I am pretty sure a dummy would have helped soothe the situation.  Nope she was adamant so we resorted to a bunny who’s ears she used to suck and fall asleep with.  Of course what comes with a bunny is the fear of this being lost (lovely grandparents accidentally losing it on childcare duties, left behind in cafes, someone’s house on a play-date, thrown to the pavement from the pram!)

I remember on numerous occasions re tracing my steps to find it as I knew the night ahead would be horrendous. You can't just go to a shop at night and buy a new bunny - you can with a dummy!

Our son, from birth, really liked using a dummy (this was probably due to our daughter being over excited on his arrival and wanted to stick it in his mouth) so just went with it.  Yes I read, and knew, about the possibility of him not being able to find my nipple but he did and I managed to breast feed just fine for 3 months.   Perhaps, selfishly, I wanted him to like one just in case I found myself in a sticky situation with both kids kicking off.  There are no books about going from one – two kids so I was prepared to try anything just to survive.

I definitely will, at some point, try and ween him off it as I am actually starting to notice a slight dependence at nightime and I would love for him to sleep from 7-7 like Lucy’s Joe has done for the past week.   I have fallen into some bad habits at night time (milk and dummy) but having gone back to work 4 days a week sleep is my number one priority.  Our daughter is finally sleeping through Hallelujah (will be 4 in March)  and there have been, on more than a couple of occasions. Time’s when our son (who is just one) has slept through so I know he can do it.   Lately he’s been full of cold or got more teeth coming through and I know a dummy makes him feel settled and secure and he goes straight back to sleep

If he sleeps then I sleep, If I sleep then I am happy and a happy mummy is what my kids, and husband need.
So I have absolutely no problem with using a dummy.  I am all about ” doing what works for you ” and face the consequences, head on, later on..

I am pretty sure lots of people will disagree with me but everyone is entitled to their own opinion x

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