Hi. I am Iona, an economist, wife and mum of three. Almost six years ago I gave birth to my daughter and mine and my husband’s world turned upside down (quite literally at times!). Since then we have been lucky enough to have our two boys. The three of them amaze us, frustrate us, and make us howl with laughter in equal measure.


I feel like the last six years has been the steepest learning curve ever. And the learning never seems to end. At each age and with each different child we seem to encounter new and different challenges. I am thankful for all my friends who have shared their wisdom and experiences with me over the last six years (and in the run up to giving birth – particularly the heads up about the bleeding postpartum – buy the biggest sanitary towels you can find!). I feel that I have learned so much from all of them, and continue to do so. That’s why when Lucy, Bonnie and I started talking about a blog it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.


I apologise in advance for any ranting – I get a bit het up about people guilt-tripping parents – my teacher at secondary school blamed my fiery streak on my Irish genes (personally I think I have just inherited the bonkers gene from my mother – genetics has a lot to answer for!).


Thanks for visiting our site, and I hope you come along with us for this amazing, crazy journey.


Iona x


That first cup of tea in the morning (my husband might say it is not worth speaking to me until I have had it, I say “no comment”), Friends reruns (every situation in life has a Friends reference – it is literally genius), Stylist (it’s free, what more can I say), my duvet (it is like an all-encompassing marshmallow), high heels (everyone thinks I am ridiculous, but I don’t care they make me feel fabulous), snuggly jumpers (preferably my husband’s), and, most important of all, my husband, three children and my incredible, supportive family and friends.

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