Bonnie by name, Bonnie by nature… or so I have been told. not too sure my husband would agree with this when he sees me first thing in the morning!

I have been working in Media for just over 20 years now ( which scares me some what) ranging from TV, Print, Outdoor and Digital.  I fell into this crazy world of ” Influncer Marketing”  about 6 years ago and have worked with all sorts of You Tubers creating branded content

Lucy and I first met through work about 5 years ago and over copius amounts of champagne new that I had found a fabulous new friend.  We happened to fall pregant at the same time with our first babies ( which just so happened to be girls) and were lucky enough to spend maternity leave together.    After bleery eyed chats on Facebook whilst feeding, crying and laughing about our different experiences it was then we had our ” lightblub” moment and mumstheword was born.

I now have a little boy and have recently gone back to work 4 days a week and amuse myself at how I manage to juggle being a mum, wife and travel 3 hours a day to and from work.  Its not been easy but this is life right?

Who knows  where this will go and I have been slightly terrified about launching mumstheword but if you don’t try something once you will never know.

We have a long way to go but we are loving this journey together as friends and mums

Fun Facts:  I went to the same college as Tom Hardy ( the very sexy actor) and was in his performing Arts class.  He’s from my home town East Sheen ( TRUE) .  I used to Ice dance semi professionally, love tap dancing and very recently got a selfie with Orlando Bloom!

Bonnie x


Marlborough Savvy B, Sex And The City Box Set, Friends repeat on Comedy Channel, Under eye Concealer , Bovril on Toast, Cups of tea, Tunnocks Marshmallow teacakes, cucumber , weekday Soaps, my phone, Cheesy house music, eye lash extensions, my kids ( of course) hubby, my friends and of course, love

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