We are Bonnie, Iona and Lucy and together we are mumstheword.


Lucy and Iona met at the age of 14 at school and have been close friends ever since. Bonnie and Lucy met while working with Creators, Broadcasters and brands on YouTube and the rest is (a wine fuelled) history. Bonnie and Iona met in a pizza express and bonded over wine and dough balls (a solid basis for any friendship).


The three of us share so many of the same attitudes to motherhood, working life and all the wonderful challenges it brings us. But we all have taken different approaches to raising our children and have experienced different challenges along the way. We do what we can to make it work and we have absolutely no judgements.


We bring you our honest experiences of being parents and working mothers, amateur jugglers and peace-keeping- negotiators in training. We hope they amuse and maybe even help you on your own journey in some small way. If nothing else it’s nice to know we are all in the same boat!

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