39 Things to do before the Big FOUR OH…

Today I turn the ripe old age of 39.  It feels like only yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday.

So, it got me thinking what will happen in my 40’s?  Something I can’t predict but as the clock ticks and the countdown is on for the big FOUR OH I wondered should I write a bucket list and challenge myself to do some big and exciting stuff.

I looked on line to see other bucket list ideas and nearly spat my tea out.  I mean sure… climbing Mount Everest or competing in an Iron Man challenge is right up my street, but not very practical

Clearly, I needed to create my own list, a practical list, a manageable list that shouldn’t be too difficult… (she says)

So, here’s my 39 (realistic) things to do before I am 40:

1.  Unrealistic – compete in an Iron Man competition

Realistic – Sign up to a 5k run

2.  Unrealistic -Go to NY Broadway for the weekend and go to the theatre

Realistic – Take the kids to see The Lion King in London

3.   Unrealistic -Go on around the world trip

Realistic – Dipping my toes into the Balearic Seas

4.    Unrealistic-  Pay off your mortgage

Realistic – Yeah right… ok.  Change existing deal or research into a mortgage that will free up some money

5.    Unrealistic Take your parents on a 5-star cruise around the Caribbean

Realistic – A lovely cottage in the Cotswolds

6.    Unrealistic – Get a Master’s Degree

Realistic – Sign up to a course that will be advantageous for the future

7.    Unrealistic -Have more children

Realistic – Need to earn more money before thinking about this

8.    Unrealistic -Be fluent in another language

Realistic –  I can pick it up again when kids are at school

9.    Unrealistic  – Join the London Philharmonic orchestra

Realistic – Rather than play the piano by ear (not literally of course) learn how to read music

10.    Unrealistic – Own a second property

Realistic – Rather than move, improve.

11.    Unrealistic – Take the kids to Disney Land Florida

Realistic – Euro Star to Disney Land Paris (I hear one is being built on Dartford?)

12.    Unrealistic-  Fly first class to the No 1 best restaurant in the world

Realistic –  God bless Deliveroo!

13.   Unrealistic Go to the Miami Music Festival

Realistic – Go to Glastonbury either camping inn a ten-man tent or even better a camper van

14.  Unrealistic-  Invest in Stocks and shares

Realistic – Invest in my children first.   Start putting money into their accounts every month

15.  Unrealistic -Go to a fancy bar and blow money on the most expensive champagne

Realistic – M&S Prosecco will do

16.   Unrealistic -Own my own business

Realistic – Love where I am now so work my way up and see where the future takes me

17. Unrealistic- Make a Profiterole cake tower

Realistic – Get to grips with the basics and make a Victoria sponge

18.  Unrealistic – Get a breast up lift

Realistic – Invest in a good bra and stop wearing the same one I have for years

 19.Unrealistic – Do an extreme sport – either sky diving or bungee jumping.

  Realistic – Now this is one thing I already have done!  Tick.  Jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet in Australia

 20. Unrealistic -Spend a week at a Yoga Retreat

  Realistic – Spend the afternoon at a spa with a deal with my girlfriends

21. Unrealistic -Read 100 books

Realistic – Actually pick up a book and start to read rather than scrolling through social media

22. Unrealistic- Hire a live-in maid

Realistic –  Thank goodness for kids who love a wipe

23.  Unrealistic -Star in a TV game show to win lots of money

Realistic – Buy a scratch card

24.   Unrealistic- To star in a film opposite Bradley Cooper

Realistic – A pit part in a soap

25.  Unrealistic -Sleep under the stars in Mexico

Realistic – Buy some  glow stars for the ceilings!

26.  Unrealistic -Go on a Safari in East Africa

Realistic – A trip to London Zoo

27.  Unrealistic -Join Richard Branson’s Virgin space shuttle to Mars

Realistic – Mars Chocolate Bar?

28.   Unrealistic -Stay at the Ritz or Dorchester with the full works

Realistic – A groupon deal with a night stay and breakfast

29.  Unrealistic -See the Northern Lights

Realistic – Apparently also visible in Scotland?

30.   Unrealistic -Swim with Dolphins

Realistic – London Aquarium will do

31.  Unrealistic -Learn to Juggle

Realistic – I already do this with home, work and life

32.  Unrealistic -Concert in Madison Square

Realistic – The 02 but not top tier!

33.   Unrealistic -Buy a Mulberry handbag

Realistic – TKMAXX  me up!

34.   Unrealistic -Take the Orient Express to Istanbul

Realistic – Eurostar to Paris

35.    Unrealistic -Be snapped nude in an artistic photo shoot

Realistic – A photo taken by husband that I can edit

36.    Unrealistic -Have teeth professionally whitened

Realistic – A good clean at the dentist

37.   Unrealistic -Pay off all my debt

Realistic – With 2 kids this is impossible.  Just be more sensible with money

38.  Unrealistic -Help build a school for underprivileged kids

Realistic -Donate to a charity and adopt a child

39.    Unrealistic -STOP comparing myself to everyone else around me and be thankful for what I have

Realistic -This is very achievable

I am not scared about turning 40.  I just can’t believe how quickly the last 9 years have gone so I want to make a promise to myself to do as much as I can, whilst I still can. x


















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